We continue to justify our spot at the top
of the lifestyle management industry.

For a cost similar to a monthly club membership we can dial your life up a significant notch, by bringing the club to you. We'll locate and queue-jump for whatever you want, like any concierge outfit worth its salt. Where we differ is how we go about it. Our job is to anticipate, identify, and optimise your opportunities. Your job is to enjoy them.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our proactive approach and the personal relationships we forge and maintain with our One Hundred Concierge members.

We’re a bespoke, boutique concierge business headquartered in central London with satellite offices in every major UK city. The One Hundred Concierge team are a group of dedicated lifestyle managers who, through years of experience, can anticipate and deliver on all requests. By limiting our top tier of membership to just 100 members, we’re able to stay personal and retain the dynamic and flexible attitude which we’ve found to be one of our key strengths.

Our primary purpose, at One Hundred Concierge, is to add value in everything we do. From an upgraded room at a hotel, a preferential rate on a rare timepiece, access to a sold out event or running some errands a member hasn’t had time to do we continue to justify our spot at the top of the lifestyle management industry.

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More Than Just a Membership...

One Hundred Concierge offers entirely bespoke services that are designed to suit the unique lifestyles of our clients. From sourcing rare gifts to obtaining entry to an exclusive or sold out show, 100 Concierge utilise our extensive contacts, within an array of industries, to pass on these exclusivities to our limited membership.

Our services entitle One Hundred Concierge members exclusive entry to money-can’t-buy experiences, unavailable to the general public. Access to unique experiences includes opportunities such as luxury trips to coveted locations and animal expeditions.

We aim to meet the challenge set by any of our members, to source the most exclusive products or gain access to restricted occasions. To find out how we can further enhance your lifestyle, contact the One Hundred Concierge team.